Manufacturing Today Issue - 220 January 2024 | Page 41

________________________________________________________________________________ Women in Manufacturing

Rasha Hasaneen currently occupies the position of Chief Products and Sustainability Officer at AspenTech , a leader in the global asset management software market . In a similar fashion to Sonita Lontoh , Rasha has established a successful career by combining her passion for business , her skills as a technical expert , and a purpose of human wellbeing and sustainability .

“ While I began my career as an engineer , I had always been interested in the business side of engineering , so I went into product management and strategy as it allowed me to combine my technical expertise with my interest in business ,” Rasha opens . “ About mid-way through my career , I became very interested in the intersection of business , human well-being , and climate , and it was clear to me that where the rubber was really going to meet the road was around the intersection of industrial software and sustainability .
“ I came to AspenTech to work with a team of individuals who really understood industrial software and could make an impact on not just one major company , but many . Thanks to a mix of tenacity , capability , and some luck , I ’ ve had a pretty vertical career trajectory . While there are some industries where senior management and boards are not as diverse as we ’ d like them to be , progress has been made .
“ We ’ re still in the early days of our journey , but there is a concerted effort to fill those top jobs with diverse candidates . I believe that companies need to stay the course , continue to create an inclusive environment , and proactively open opportunities at the most senior levels , because the fundamentals around having diverse teams , leadership , and boards are there .
“ For women early in their career , role models and mentors are incredibly


Chief Products and Sustainability Officer at AspenTech
important , and the advice I would give is to seek out not just mentors that have a similar journey to yours and can relate , but someone who will push you and challenge you , even though it may be uncomfortable ,” she proposes . “ As you progress in your career , however , I think it ’ s particularly important to find sponsors ; people who will vouch for you and your potential , not just your accomplishments . People who will stand up and say , ‘ this is the person you need ,’ when given the opportunity to advocate for you .”
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